We have used Rawls Equipment Company for various projects here recently and have been very satisfied with the results. They are always very professional in their approach and each project has been completed on time and within budget.
Gary P., Senior Project Manager
Rawls Equipment Company has been our contractor of choice for numerous ammonia refrigeration projects. We know we can rely on them to give us consistent results in everything they do. I would highly recommend their services.
Paul S., Facilities Maintenance Manager
I have used Rawls Equipment Company for several years now and have had nothing but positive results. They are extremely responsive to our needs and work hard to provide cost-effective, reliable solutions. Their personnel are highly knowledgeable and experienced enough to handle anything we ask of them.
Terry G., Ammonia Refrigeration Manager
Our preference is to use Rawls Equipment Company when ordering parts because we know that they will respond quickly to our requests and usually have what we need in stock. Some companies take days to quote us pricing. I know that's not the case when I call Rawls Equipment.
Donny R., Procurement Specialist
Rawls Equipment Company has treated each and every job here with a high level of professionalism and an attention to detail. Whether it's replacing a valve or overhauling a compressor, their staff completes each job to our satisfaction.
Barry O., Refrigeration Maintenance