Because of our commitment to establish and maintain strong working relationships while exceeding our customer’s expectations, Rawls Equipment Company has been able to benefit from the repeat business of many of our valued customers. This commitment, the quality of our work, and our quick response to customer needs has enabled us to build business relationships with both local and national clients from a wide range of industries including:

Food & Beverage Processing

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Rawls Equipment Company works with some of the largest food and beverage processing companies in the United States. Whether it’s meats, beverages, dairy products, produce or another specific need, we can provide a cost-effective refrigeration system for you.

Cold Storage & Distribution Centers

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We understand the importance of keeping millions of dollars of inventory properly refrigerated. That's how we have been able to satisfy the refrigeration requirements of customers with facilities ranging from 5,000 to 500,000 square feet.


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The requirements to store pharmaceutical products at predefined temperature and humidity levels in accordance with FDA regulations is why companies have turned to Rawls Equipment Company for their refrigeration needs. We have the knowledge and experience to keep your facility compliant.


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Rawls Equipment Company can provide a wide-range of parts and service to the petrochemical industry. Our current roster of customers include land-based industrial facilities and marine transportation companies.